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We have been operating for more than 30 years in the Delhi Gurgaon area. We provide a full range of architectural and vastu design services

Vastu Remedies

Scientific Remedies for existing homes and offices using Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki

Vastu Design

Architectural plans for your home as per Vastu guidelines

Vastu Site Selection

Decide on an optimum plot or site layout as per Vastu guidelines

Vastu Consultation

We will visit your home or factory and provide a detailed vastu assessment and suggest remedies based on your needs

Vastu Construction

Construction guidance as per vastu shastra principles will be provided to your building contractor


Vastu guidance and advice on a retainership basis to large commercial and industrial firms.

Architectural Projects and Vastu Design

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Vastu remedies for your home and office

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Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our clients have to say about us

“I was having a difficult time at home due to family issues. After some straightforward Vastu remedies at home, my family harmony is much better.”

— Home owner in Gurgaon

“We were having a lot of labour issues at our factory which resulted in leading to missed manufacturing deadlines. We were losing money. After making the vastu changes as suggested by Mr Phatak, we saw significant improvment in our business outlook and the factory is now running smoothly.”

— Factory Owner in Delhi

“I was struggling a lot at work and always felt that there is some bad luck holding me back. Vastu remedies done by Mr Phatak, have helped me with my attitude towards life and I am now having much better results in my professional career.”

— Software Engineer in California

“I always thought Vastu was just a superstition. But after learning about the scientific principles behind Vastu, I am amazed at the deep knowledge and foresight shown by our ancient sages and scholars in writing Vastu Shastra.”

— Client in Mumbai

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We have been in this field for a long time and have years of experience in Vastu consulting

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Thoughts & Ideas

Science behind Vastu

Read more to get a scientific understanding of the principles behind Vastu Shastra

Understanding of Vastu Shastra

Vastu means building and Shastra means Science. So Vastu Shastra is building science, which is nothing else but Architecture. The Vedic theory of design defines in great detail architectural and town planning concepts. Research in Vastu Shastra should be viewed as a Ph. D in architecture.

Dilip Phatak Dilip Phatak

Impact of correct orientation

How can just turning around my table and chair in a particular direction bring about a major change? Most people forget an important thing. Outright rejection of any principle without having a faintest clue about it, is bliss in ignorance.

Dilip Phatak Dilip Phatak

The Fifth Element

Vedas have given three basic forms of Remedies. Mantra, Mani and Aushadhi meaning prayer chanting, use of gemstones and medicine respectively. Out of these the first one Mantra relates to the fifth element in Vastu (Space), which in turn relates to our body via our sense of hearing. Modern architecture deals with this through the science of Acoustics.

Dilip Phatak Dilip Phatak

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